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Why Pine Decking?

  • Pine CCA Treated Decking is Low maintenance.
  • Decking has a live span of 20 Years according to the SANS-1288 Standard if treated with a CCA H3 Class.
  • Pricing is more affordable than any hardwood Decking of Composite Decking.
  • Easy Installation, no counter sinking or any Deck clips required.
  • Easy Replacement in case of physical or mechanical damage.
  • Treated Decking, based on research is much stronger than Composite or plastic Decking and is very durable in any weather condition.
  • One of the advantages of using cca Treated Decking, is that it has a low surface heat and can be used during hot days without burning your feet.
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Durable in any weather condition.
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Problem with Composite Decking

It doesn't last for ever!

Composite decking Does not last in the harsh African Sun. It Does get brittle and brakes eventually. With the Deck clip system it is extremely difficult to fix and replace. Using CCA Treated Decking should you have damages it is very easy and quick to replace.
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